Creating a Custom Data Import

This is a series of articles describing how to create a data import from an outside source (SQL database) to your CRM system.  The reason you may want to do this is that you have SQL server data in another system, or you are receiving files from an outside data source that reside in a data warehouse.

Part 1 - Getting Started 
Setting Up the Structure
Generating the Service Context File
Adding Service Helpers
Creating the "Worker" Class

Part 2 - Beginning the Import Code
Creating Your Staging Table
Creating the Structure for the Account Import Code

Part 3 -  Finishing the Account Import/Update
Query CRM Records for a Match
Add Record to CRM
Updating Records in CRM

Part 4 - Reconciling More than One Match - Merging Accounts
Find Matched Records
Update the First Match
Set Up the Merge Function


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